=== Featured by SQUARE ENIX Collective 2016 ===

We were honored by SQUARE ENIX featuring our pre-Alpha in their Collective in 2016. Thanks to the Collective!

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Sombrero Tactics Key Elements

Unique combination of turn-based strategy and 2D-shooter

Sombrero Tactics combines the best of turn- & squad-based strategy with an innovative 2D-shooter mechanism. While you plan and execude your strategy turn-based, aiming and shooting lies in your hand…show us your skills!

Thrilling Storyline

Follow El Patron and his Sombreros and forge their destiny! Experience the thrilling story of Sombrero Tactics and immerse in a world of classic western. Unravel the dark secret of your village. Become a gunslinger…become a hero!

Beautiful hand-drawn graphics

Sombrero Tactics story is told in beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. And the game graphics are also completey hand-crafted. This leads to an exceptional look which boosts the atmosphere of the game and delivers an unforgettable game experience!

Equip & skill system

Fight with your squad of brave Sombreros to free your village! With the experience and money gained during that fight, you can equip and skill your Sombreros to your liking! How about a medic with some healing tequila? Or would you like to have a heavy brawler in your team? What about a sniper? Or just a straight forward gunslinger? The choice is yours!

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