The Personality & Behaviour Checkup

– Craft Fictional Personalities & Interactions on a new Level –

When it comes to designing fictional characters on the personality level, two goals are central:

(1) Create plausible, believable and authentic character personalities and interactions between them.

(2) Design those characters and interactions to be interesting, foster the atmosphere and the emotional design and drive the story of your fictional world.

Drawing from real life science, empirical evidence and more than 10 years of experience in the field of personality analysis, the “Personality & Behaviour Checkup” by Squadloft enables you to master those goals controlled, transparent & efficient. It brings your character designs, interactions and storylines to the next level.

What the Personality & Behaviour Checkup can do for you

Character Analysis

The Checkup enables us to validate your character’s personality designs with regards to plausibility, ambiguity potential, corellation checks and possible impacts on looks and animations.

Interaction Analysis

We can check the interactions between fictional characters for plausibility, analyse and design the conflict potential, validate and design interactions and personalities to match as well as design  characters to believably produce a certain interaction and outcome.

Group Analysis

We are able to analyse and design groups of characters with regards to their internal behaviour and interaction plausibility, design and validate groups along a defined group personality and vice versa, deduce conflict potential as well as intra group dynamics.

Inter Group Dynamics Analysis

We can analyse and design inter group dynamics and validate interactions between several groups of defined personalities, ensure a believable and representable group / guild / faction landscape within your fictional world.

One and the world

We are also able to focus the checkup on one specific personality design including all interactions of that character, relationships to the character’s surroundings including all intra and inter group dynamics related to this character.

Player Measurement

The empiric framework underlying the Checkup allows us to measure the player’s personality via his or her interactions and choices. This allows you to adjust aspects of your fictional world like choices provided or events happening and tailor them to a player’s personality. This greatly enhances the intensity of your emotional design.

Insight: How real world Personalities are structured

The 6 Perspectives of a Personality

Perspective 1 – “Core Attitude”: The first perspective differentiates between three basic attitudes of a character towards life and other people in general. [Click arrows to switch slides]
Perspective 2 – “Inner Forces”: The second perspective describes which inner forces drive a character and define his or her decision making process on a deeper level.
“Subconscious Core”: Perspective 1 and 2 together form the subconscious core of a personality which is – when it comes to real people – developed and defined during the childhood years.
Perspective 3 – “Basic Behaviour Patterns”: The third perspective describes how a character generally behaves while pursuing a goal or solving a problem.
Perspective 4 – “Self-Defined Motivations”: The fourth perspective describes what a character seeks in his current life – what tangible goals motivate him or her.
“Neurological Wiring”: Research shows that those self-defined motivations are highly correlative due to the human brain’s neurological wiring.
“Professional RePrioritization”: Additionally to that, empirical evidence indicates that 16 of those self-defined motivations are especially important for the professional life of a person. A reprioritization to the private life is possible to a certain degree.
Perspective 5 – “Mental Anomalies”: The fifth perspective then describes how mental anomalies affect the deeper layers of a personality and his or her behaviour.
Perspective 6 – “Cultural Shaping”: Based on cultural research, the sixth perspective describes how the whole character can be shaped by cultural contexts.
There you go! Now you know how fully packed the “Character Enhancer” framework is. If you want to learn more, contact us via the form below. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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